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Basic Integration

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In today’s language service industry where the volume of content keeps increasing while the turnaround time gets even shorter, automatic communication and hand-off among systems and stakeholders is more important than ever. As a result, integration has become a trend for translation management systems (TMSs).

TMS + CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools

This type of integration is language-oriented, focusing on file processing and detailed workflow. Solutions of this type can well fit the needs of small vendors and streamlined in-house translation team. Some solutions may have optional plugins enabling terminology management, automated QA and machine translation. Examples of such integration include Kilgray memoQ and XTM Cloud.

TMS + BMS (business management system)

By integrating with business management functionalities including accounting, resource management and customer relationship management (CRM), TMS can handle tasks such as quoting, invoicing, language asset management, vendor management and client management, with fewer human errors resulted from manual back-and-forth. Such solutions are ideal for medium to large language service providers (LSPs) who handle a massive volume of projects cross-functionally on a regular basis.

The future of TMS: Taking integration one step further

As the need for cross-platform workflow automation continues, so will the trend of integration. Future TMS integration may take two distinct approaches – centralization and modularization.

On the other hand, modularization is a more open approach. Every standalone functionality, be that in TMS, CMS, BMS or any other relevant systems, can be defined as a module, and freely combined with each other into a complete solution via powerful connectors.

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