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Math Attack was a ten week project targeted at first and second grade students to help them with their math skills. The premise of Math Attack is that you are a space pilot who has crash landed on an alien planet. Upon landing, a group of robot pirates who inhabit the planet steal the parts to your spacecraft and spread them across the world. To complete your mission you must drain each of the robots’ energy as they challenge you with math problems. If you answer correctly, they lose energy. However, if you answer incorrectly your calculator loses its own battery energy. Once you lose all of your calculator power you must start your quest from the beginning. If you can successfully defeat the robot pirates, you will recover pieces to your spaceship which you can use to eventually repair it and escape from the robot pirate planet.


Math attack was written using Java and requires Flash 6.0 or higher to run properly. The game features a fully configurable backend for teachers that allows them to change what types of math problems a student encounters, what difficulty level the problems will be and also keep track of a students’ progress over time.


Once the game is installed and launched, you will be presented with a login screen. You can either pick the administrator account or an existing teacher account. The administrator account is merely for configuring teachers in the system and viewing classwide statistics. Choosing a teacher account moves you to the next login screen which allows you to log in as a student to play the game or log in as the teacher to setup their classroom settings and view statistics. When you encounter a request for a password, simply enter “password”.


Included in the download is the installer for the full game. The controls are as follows:

Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Move Up: W
Move Down: S

Download Math Attack

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